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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 4, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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happened. >> reporter: to have your life end at age 71 while on vacation is tragic enough but there are questions tonight that could make this whole accident even tougher for loved ones to bear. >> the water got tough after we got in. >> reporter: living one county over barbara never knew carol olson in life but on the same cruise, the same snorkeling excursion in the bahamas she did her level best to prevent her death. >> i tried to talk to her through the snorkel. i said take your right arm and make like you're swimming. i held her with my right arm. i said and kick your feet. >> reporter: dontell screamed for help toward the boat but no one could hear. a man and his son eventually came to help but too late foreolson, she already took in too much water, later pronounced dead. do fl tell was not too far behind but was saved in time. she says the water current was too swift that day, pointing to
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the shaky underwater footage she tried to shoot. >> there was no supervision, no one in the water with us. all the crew members on the boat. there was no one herding you back in if you got too far out. >> reporter: or right there to help anyone if they got in trouble. inexcusable dontell says as she believes this subcontracted company from carnival cruises cost one life and nearly took her own. >> in addition to grief you have to deal with the tragedy of this. which is a whole different thing. >> reporter: pastor feasor new olson for 33 years, says she was very well involved and a well loved member of the lutheran church in reisterstown. her death, the pastor says left the whole congregation and her husband of more than 40 years in utter shock. >> there's no sugar coating this. it is a horrible thing and we can't get around that. i guess the best advice is not to second guess everything.
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>> reporter: good advice for the grieving but dontell believes second guessing is -- she believes it was a dangerous and poorly managed excursion. >> an accident that should have never happened. if the excursion had been done properly it would not have happened. >> reporter: carnival cruise lines says it has suspended that excursion in freeport until further notice. meantime dontell plans to attend a memorial for carol olson at 3:00 saturday afternoon at the trinity lutheran church in reisterstown. the pastor says carol's body has yet to come back from the bahamas. a burial will be at a later date. brian kuebler, abc2 news. new details on the death of yeardley love. according to after affidavit her ex-boyfriend says her head
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repeatedly hit the wall. she was found dead in her off-campus apartment. cheryl conner has more. >> reporter: we're hearing from the attorney from the suspect in the married of yeardley love and her ex-boyfriend. he said his client didn't intend to kill her but court documents say during a fight he admitted he shook her and her head repeatedly hit the wall and that he kicked the door that leads to her bedroom. hughley charged with first degree murder. his parents were in the courtroom today as the son said very little through a video link-up from jail. the parents dodged reporters you but the attorney says hughley didn't attend to kill her. >> we're confident that ms. love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. in the meantime, george is withdrawing from the university of virginia and remains in the custody of the authorities. >> reporter: love and hughley
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were set to graduate in a few weeks from the university of virginia and both were high performing athletes in one of the top college lacrosse programs in the country. love was from cockeysville, coming up at 6:00, reaction from her neighborhood. cheryl conner, abc2 news. the community college of baltimore county, essex campus was on lockdown today after reports a gunman was coming to the campus. the reports turned out to be unfounded. police say they alerted campus officials an employee of the school was involved in a domestic dispute this morning. the man's wife told police that the man could be suicidal and that he was headed for the campus. there was an alert on the web site a potentially armed man could be coming to campus and the school would remain on lockdown indefinitely. >> we hear more and more incidents where things happen on campuses and try to learn from them. and so what we do is try to do what we need to do in order to
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make our students safe. >> the school later reopened. no arrests were made. montgomery county police arrest a fourth suspect in the death of a middle school principal. 18-year-old dionford gray faces first degree murder and other charges in the death of brian beck. police say he was at the beck's home at the time of the murder and seen on surveillance video using his stolen credit cards. two others are charged with the murder as well. police say they had recently escaped from the custody of the city's department of youth rehabilitation services. police say lancaster's mother is also facing charges for knowingly receiving a credit card stolen from beck. a 22-year-old former high school football star pleaded guilty to negligent homicide in the death of his younger brother's friend in a drunk driving crash. david erdman is accused of driving drunk last november,
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losing control of his pickup truck. 17-year-old steven dankos of river hill high school died in the crash. erdman had a .21 blood alcohol level at the time of the crash. he's free on bale and will be sentenced in august. searchers recovered the body of a missing kayaker from the shenandoah river in west virginia. police say the 22-year-old ryan schultz drowned saturday. his parents reported him missing saturday. a water rescue team found his body last night. the medical examiner will conduct an autopsy. now to a developing story. after a 36-hour search authorities believe they've arrested the man responsible for trying to set off a car bomb in times square. authorities have formally charged faisal shahzad with mass destruction saying he confessed to receiving explosives training in pakistan. he's a native of pakistan but a naturalized american citizen. investigators say 30-year-old faisal shahzad at jfk airport
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was attempting to board a flight, that's where he was arrested. according to police less than two weeks ago shahzad purchased a 1993 nissan pathfinder found spoking -- smoking in the middle of times square over the weekend. the suv had a car bomb made of gasoline, propane, fireworks and fertilizer. authorities were tipped off by a street vendor. >> in the end there's no magic secret to this. in this case, were we lucky? yes. we were lucky. >> officials say the most important leads came from the vehicle itself and it's unexploded bomb parts. turns out now famous pilot sully sullenberger was right in a decision to ditch his u.s. airways flight in the hudson last year. the federal safety panel says the pilot made the right choice. they say he could have made it back to laguardia but it would have been a close call.
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the national transportation safety board is releasing documents related to the incident as it tries to draw safety lessons from it. a beautiful day, you're looking at a live picture from downtown baltimore. so how long will this lovely spring, almost summerlike weather stick around? wyett everhart has the first forecast. >> you told me you were tired of the humidity last night. so we got rid of it today. just for you. it won't than long before it's here to stay but man, it's so nice out there now. look at our visible satellite. we've got very little cloud cover across the state now. just a scattering of very light fair weather cumulus clouds. temperaturewise 81 at bwi marshall. warmer downtown, maybe 82 there. 82 easton and 84 in culpeper, virginia. so this is a pretty mild afternoon. above average temperaturewise for early may but without the humidity it doesn't feel that bad at all. a few clouds this evening, dry mild weather, getting much
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chillier out there. tonight we'll talk about how cold it might be at daybreak. and a look ahead to the end of the week. changes there, coming up. kieffer mitchell jr. confirmed he's running for a seat in the maryland house of delegates. mitchell was a baltimore city council member for 12 years before his unsuccessful run for mayor in 2007. mitchell's grandfather was the late clarence mitchell jr., a well known civil rights advocate and his great uncle, was maryland's first african-american u.s. congressman. the dc city council approved amendments to its mike hellgren law -- medical marijuana law. congress lifted its ban last year. with today's vote dc joins 14 states across the country in allowing patients to use medical marijuana. under the law doctors will be able to give medical marijuana recommendations to patients suffering from hiv./aids, cancer and other serious conditions. in maryland senators had
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approved legalizing marijuana but the house wanted more time to study the measure. in tonight's "consumer watch," nissan is the latest automaker to announce a recall. the company is recalling nearly 135,000 infini g-35 sedans and coups because of a possibility that airbags won't deploy in a crash. no injuries have been reported. nissan says infiniti owners who see the red air bag light come on should get to a dealer. otherwise proper recall notices will be mailed out next month. the governor has signed more than 100 bills into law. coming up, how some of the laws will offer more protection to young victims and potential victims of sex offenders. alzheimer's is a devastating disease but taking care of a loved one who has been diagnosed doesn't have to be. some tips on how to care for your parent. plus, a stellar performance from some of the remaining couples on "dancing
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with the stars." a look at the chachachampions and the couple who may not make the next one. >> currently 80 degrees in baltimore. a lovely day. what is on tap for the future? the forecast coming up.
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new information about the death of former child star cory hurricane. according to the coroner he died of pneumonia complications and the coroner ruled drugs in his system were not a factor in his death. the 38-year-old had low levels of over the counter, prescription drugs and some marijuana in his died. he died in march after collapsing in his mother's apartment. mothers' day is this weekend. a national survey reveals we feel close to moms and even willing to have them move in. many of us are not prepared to take care of our moms as they age.
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the senior helper survey shows 80% of those who responded feel as close to their moms as they used to. 66% say they would be comfortable having their moms move in with them. 70% say they've not discussed, researched or saved for their aging mom's care. senior experts say this survey shows we have the best intentions for mom but lack of preparation will take a huge toll on our families. taking care of a parent who has alzheimer's can be daunting. but knowing how to care for them can lessen that burden. linda so tells us five ways to help you and your loved one cope. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: every morning the first thing on jeff lee's mind, his mother. she's 91 and isn't the same person she used to be. >> it's hard. it's hard for me. >> reporter: he's been taking care of his mom in his home for 12 years. he remembers the day his mom got lost trying to find his home.
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>> she was just walking back and forth looking up at the address. and she was confused. i hollered and said, mama. she looked and saw me and she was satisfied. right then i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: edith mathis was in the early stages of alzheimer's. taking care of his ailing mother was a huge adjustment for jeff. >> this is a cup. >> reporter: he has to cook, clean and dress her. basically do it all. >> i never thought that it would be a time, as her son, that would have to bathe my mother. >> reporter: taking care of the physical needs is the first thing you can do. make sure they are taking their medications. you should also educate yourself about alzheimer's and join a support group. ? understand the disease, understand the interventions, because if they don't understand then it's just that much more frustrating for them. >> i'm looking at a lady that i used to see dress, with the
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house, won't even clean her room no more. i miss her. it's sad. it's sad. >> reporter: don't let that sadness effect how you treat your parent. it's important to stay positive and praise your loved one. appreciating their work even when they make mistakes will make them feel better. also, be patient. don't get angry or raise your voice. that will only make them feel worse. >> sometimes i have to leave her and go in my room and just do something else because she can get me so angry. >> reporter: and be sure to follow a routine because even small changes can confuse an alzheimer's patient. part of edith's routine is playing cards. and try to decorate your parents' room with pictures and things they are familiar with. that will help them feel more comfortable. >> if i have a few minutes i can sit down and talk to you about your wedding pictures. might have been 0 years ago but just think how much that brings back to you. if you can say, well tell me about that day. who made your dress? it's very important to have things that are nam around so that i feel comforting.
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>> do you like church? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: even though caring for a sick parent can be tough jeff says he wouldn't have his mom anywhere else. in southwest baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. >> the alzheimer's association is here to help. you can call their toll free number any time, 1-800-272-3900. the organization offers all kinds of services for families dealing with the disease. tomorrow on "good morning maryland," ladies, we seem to be taking care of a lot these days. from our moms to our daughters to our husbands and our kids but sometimes we forget about ourselves. we'll tell you about the recommendations doctors offer to improve your life and make it a point to set aside time for yourself. we're going to simplify your life as a woman, break down the obstacles, preventing you from focusing on you and offer you techniques to relax.
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>> relax, breathe. and stay outside. >> a fantastic day. humidity drops, a little warmer than average for this time of year but nobody really complains about that. 80, no humidity. how we like it. the steam we had yesterday out of here. we're going to keep it nice. more to come. a beautiful shot down at the inner harbor. it's easy to take for granted sometimes when you live here that baltimore, one of the finest harbors and ports in the world. when you see a clipper ship like that on a sunny day it's not hard to appreciate that. 80 degrees now from bwi marshall. winds west at 14 miles an hour. look at that humidity. 30%. very dry air in place now. our weathernet camera downtown camduring just a couple of fair weather puffy cumulus proud clouds. not rainmakers, just enough to pepper the sky with contrast and color. as we looked at the pollen
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tracker, only fly in the weather ointment is the pollen. tree pollen, at its highest level of the year. maple, juniper, cedar, and grass pollen high and now the mold spore count climbing, moderate level there. a lot of airborne allergens out there now with the very dry air. that's the only downfall. 82 easton. 80 hagerstown. winds came up a little but they are out of the northwest so it's bringing in a drier air, not that muggy sultry condition we had to deal with yesterday. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we've got almost nothing on it. a couple of showers way north, up northwest of -- north and east of harrisburg, rather. nothing around maryland. the next few days, dry weather on tap. good time to wash the car. a couple of dry days ahead. just a few fair weather clouds we were spotting there on the weathernet camera. we take you wider across the east coast. a couple of showers along the carolina coast. it's all going to stay off to the south and east in
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baltimore. back off to the west, i'm talking about a clear weather pattern especially for may when it can get stormy out there. again, the last of the very humid air keeps heading offshore. drier cooler air hangs on another couple of days. not that much cooler but again noticeably drier for another 48 hours. as we take the forecast model in motion we don't find much over the next 48 hours. tomorrow afternoon a couple showers spark up toward detroit and cleveland. they don't make it to maryland. they stay north of us. thursday looks like another dry day on tap. nice weather through the middle part of the week. overnight 52, clearing, much cooler into your tomorrow time frame. 81 by the afternoon. it will be a cool start. down in the 50s. so take a while to get there tomorrow. still a dry and light breeze kind of a day. tomorrow, 59, a few clouds, pleasant. 7-day forecast, looking ahead, again, all the systems go here. looking good. low 80s, dry conditions. as we go toward friday and saturday, our next shot at least at a few showers.
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growing concerns from parents about getting your children shots. why parents pulling out the needle is putting some doctors on edge. and, oil problems are still flowing in the gulf of mexico. why states are taking matters into their own hands. ?1ñu
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we've got new stories coming your way at 5:30. i'm roosevelt leftwich, an emotional day for the family of a little girl killed by a sexual predator. more on the bill signed into law today to protect other children. a young girl will be able to dance at a prom even though cancer took her leg. we show you a revolutionary new prosthetic. who gets the boot off "dancing with the stars"? all because they couldn't do do
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the cha cha cha. this along with the second forecast next at 5:30. in tonight's "health alert," there's a growing concern among doctors about parents who don't get their children immunized. though there's popular sentiments about getting the standard set of shots experts say skipping them altogether is just a bad idea. dr. timothy johnson explains. >> reporter: parents who delay or refuse to get their children vaccinated, putting them at risk for future illness? the 2008 national immunization survey included nearly 9, 000 children between the ages of 19 and 35 months showed that toddlers who are not inoculated may become more vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases and may experience more acute symptoms. among the most common early childhood vaccinations recommended by pediatricians dtp for diphtheria, tetanus and
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whooping cough, mmr for measles, mumps and rubella, meningitis, hepatitis b and the polo vaccine. between 2003 and 2008 the number of parents who delayed or refused to have their children vaccinated jumped from 22% to 39% due to a variety of reasons. including their child was ill, they believe too many shots are recommended, they have questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine and concerns about side effects including possible autism. the report concludes that medical practitioners need to provide more educational materials and timely reminders to vaccine hesitant parents. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> how much information is too much information to share on the social networking web sites? that story and more at 5:30 which starts in just two minutes. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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